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Our name says it all! The Watch Buyers Group buys watches. Let’s face it, you have a lot of options when trying to sell your watch. So why TWBG? We’re glad you asked….


Before Selling to Anyone, You Should Keep This In Mind…

If someone hasn’t thououghly gone over the condition of your watch, your bracelet, and your movement, with you, they can’t possibly be giving you an honest offer. They will certainly offer you a substantial amount below their initial offer once you ship them your watch.

The objective with most of our competitors is to get you to send them your watch. Once they have it, the real negotiating begins, and if they tell you that your watch needs a new oscillation weight, or that your hairspring is broken, are you going to know if they’re being honest?

It’s like taking your car to a mechanic, except, in this case, it’s like mailing your car to a mechanic that you’ve never met before and taking their word for why the engine needs to be replaced.

We are not watch dealers. The Watch Buyers Group trades commodities, and those commodities just happen to be watches. Give us a call or use the simple contact form below to find out, for free, what your watch is worth…


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We don’t renegotiate. Period.

We will not give you one price via email, or over the phone, only to offer you a lower amount once the watch is in our possession. It’s common practice for companies to offer a favorable price sight-unseen knowing full well that they are going to offer you a lower price once you ship you the watch to them. They may tell you that the watch will need to be serviced. This is something they should’ve asked about prior to making an offer. We won’t do that. They may sight the condition as the reason they’re offering you less. Condition is something that they should’ve asked about before making an offer. We won’t do that. Unless the watch arrives in significantly different condition than you described, our offer will stay the same. If the watch isn’t in the condition described by you we won’t attempt to use that fact to offer you less money. We will simply ship it back free of charge. We don’t expect you to be a watch expert and don’t expect you to describe the condition of the watch in accurate detail. That said, condition matters. Our offers are made in good faith based on the information you provide to us. We do our best to determine a value and make a fair offer based on your description and what the watch is worth to us. We buy everything from TAG Heuer and Omega to Rolex and Hublot and everything in between. If we can make money on it, we’ll buy it. Our reputation for being fair and honest precedes us. You can look us up yourself on the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Facebook, Google and more.

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