December 12, 2014

Why a Man Should Wear a Watch

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A watch is sometimes seen as an old-fashioned sign of a generation gone by.  Fewer and fewer people are wearing a wrist watch since most of keep a time piece with us at all times in our pocket, i.e., our cellular phone.  It used to be a routine gesture to fake a look at your wrist to make pretend you’re annoyed someone is late or that you want to know what time it is.  I wonder if kids these days would even understand that gesture!  Time is ongoing and always in need of being kept, so the wrist watch could indeed make a comeback, much like bell bottoms of JAMZ.

So why should a man wear a wrist watch when time is being displayed from every phone, bank and wall?

First of all, it can be a piece of jewelry, a decoration for your outfit and for your attire. A nice watch accents other pieces of jewelry on your person, whether it be a wedding ring, cufflinks, or the silver buttons on your shirt.  It is handsome and an object to be noticed, like fine eyeglasses or any other accessory.  Jewelry never goes out of style, so why should wrist watches.

It is also a potential part of your outwardly displayed resume.  If you are in a line of work where you need to portray your success visually, in a situation where you want potential clients to know that you are a force to be reckoned with, a wrist watch can show that you are indeed successful at what you do.  You are a person with financial means because of how well you have done for your clients.  It may be subtle and not even noticed outwardly, but a client or person who may potentially hire you will subliminally be filled with confidence if you have a Rolex or other fine watch affixed to your wrist.

A nice watch also makes it so you actually do not have to consult your phone to tell the time.  There are many times you are simply curious as to the time, and you don’t want to pull out your phone and then get distracted by notifications from Facebook or text messages.  You will be liberated from your smart-device.

Wrist watches also have the potential to be family heirlooms or long term investments.  As with most products of fine quality, they can appreciate with value over the years.  A nice watch worth $1,500 now could in even just a decade or so be valued by certain collectors at over $4,000 or even $10,000.  No investment is a sure thing, but certain objects like wrist watches and good guitars will see an almost guaranteed increase in value if properly maintained and of a trusted name and quality.


A wrist watch is also a fantastic gift from one loved one to another.  Since not many folks wear watches, it can almost always be a great and practical gift.  Then, when your significant other puts that watch on in the morning, it’s a reminder of your love.  Like a ring or other object, a wrist watch is not something you give just anyone for any occasion.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a man should wear a watch.  If you are convinced, go spread the wrist watch word.

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