Don’t just protect the value of your watch – increase its value!

Now receive a gold leaf embossed presentation Insurance Appraisal & Certificate of Authenticity performed by one of The Watch Buyers Group’s in-house appraisers for only $120. Not local? Use the button below to request a prepaid, fully insured UPS 2nd Day Air label and instructions via email for only an additional $45 roundtrip…
Insurance Appraisal: Our in-house, NAJA member appraisers document any identifying characteristics of your specific watch, as well as making a record of all manufacturer engravings and hallmarks such as logos, reference numbers, inner-case-back engravings, movement and case serial numbers, caliber numbers, etc. and establish a Replacement Value. What is Replacement Value? By taking the same, or similar, watch’s retail value and adjusting based on age/condition/availability we arrive at the value (cost) of replacing it. Why is this important? Theft and damage do occur, and if you haven’t added your watch to your home owner’s or renter’s insurance, you will likely be out of a watch, and out of luck. Most insurance providers will NOT insure your watches without an certified independent appraisal.
Certificate of Authenticity: Our appraisals go beyond the usual appraisals performed by most jewelers. With an exclusive focus on timepieces, our team of in-house appraisers have extensive training in the identification and authentication process. A thorough inspection and evaluation of the authenticity AND condition of all cosmetic and function components of watch, as well as as a full inspection of the movement, is performed by an expert to determine Fair Market Value. What is Fair Market Value? Unlike Replacement Value, there is no formula for determining Fair Market Value, which is the price someone should expect to sell, or buy, an item for on the open market assuming that both parties (buyer/seller) are reasonably educated about the product. Why is this important? A watch being sold with an accompanying independent appraisal which certifies authenticity is proven to (a) sell for more money, and (b) sell in a shorter period of time.
The Watch Buyers Group is one of the most trusted names in all things watches. Our name, our reputation, and our certifications, mean something.